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How The Process Works

Step 1

Contact Us

After your initial call we will schedule a time to come onsite and review the property. We research the details of your property and start crafting an offer for you based on it’s highest and best use and the repairs required.

Step 2

Get Your Offer

We present you with a cash offer with no obligation and no fees. Let us handle the headache of selling in the traditional approach. We buy as-is where is and don’t ask you to complete ANY repairs or clean outs.

Step 3

Get Paid

Get the cash you want now. You do NOT have to wait months to get your property sold, dealing with requests for repairs, preparing the sell or or making further concessions . We aim to close in less than 30 days, or whenever is right for you.

Who We Are

Owner’s Brandon Virgallito, David Fortkamp and Justin Spillers started in this company in 2016 with the focus of acquiring property that needs revitalized and in some cases, repurposed. Between the three of us we have 8 children and plan to keep our families in the Upper Miami Valley for a long time to come. That desire to build strong communities in Ohio comes from our primary responsibilities as husbands and fathers who live where we buy properties.

We purchase many different types of properties that need rehabbed: single family homes, apartments, historic buildings, commercial/industrial properties and land. The goal of each purchase is simple: to bring that property back to its highest and best use.

For a single family home that may be an extensive renovation and to resell it after the project is complete (flipping) or in the case of buildings like 201 N. Wayne St. or 319 N. Wayne St. in Piqua, OH a major historical renovation and repurposing these structures to bring life back our communities by attracting new businesses. To date we have leased space to 12 new businesses in the Upper Miami Valley. These are businesses that would not be in the towns they are currently in without being attracted by beautiful spaces to run and manage their businesses in. We’ve also revitalized over 100 dwelling units in and around Piqua, OH.

We’re here because we want to bet on and better our community. We purchase and revitalize properties in Sidney, Piqua, Covington, Troy, Tipp City, New Carlisle, West Milton, Englewood, and Springfield.

Our goal is to make selling your property less painful than the traditional approach, with little to no requests from our side or effort from your side.


Once you choose to work with us the process moves fairly quickly. We close in cash (most of the time) and request very little from you, the owner. We simply fill out a two page purchase contract and submit the documentation to our title company.

We do perform title searches to protect ourselves, and sometimes this ends up requiring some further work like surveys or lien releases but we take care of all of this from an expense standpoint.

Typical closing takes about 30 days or less but we can move as fast or slow as you’d like. We really aim to make your life easy.

Some of Our Recent & Current Projects

319 N. Wayne St. Piqua Redevelopment
1303 Nicklin Ave. Piqua Flip
201 N. Wayne St. Piqua Revitalization

Who We Work With

We don’t hide the fact that a lot of our deals come from various issues that arise from property ownership. We don’t judge, heck we’ve been there a time or two, we just want the opportunity to purchase your property and elevate it to it’s full potential. Whether you’re just done with a property or have a more serious issue going on, we are here to help.

Some of the most common situations we get involved in:


Death in the Family


Inherited Property

Condemned Property

Code Violations

Deferred Maintenance


Cosmetic Defects

Needs Repairs

Vacant Property

Behind On Taxes

Fire Damage

Trouble Tenants

Job Loss

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Still Have Questions?

Q: “What will you do with my property once it’s yours?

~ We are all about revitalizing our local community; revitalizing your local community. Our vision is clear: we want to take a piece of your story and make it a part of our’s and our community’s.

Q: Occupied Property – Tenants? “What will happen with my tenant?

~ We value tenants and uphold tenant’s rights. We will allow tenants time to vacate if the property is slated for revitalization or depending on the property we may have them stay indefinitely. It really depends on the situation, so we invite you to ask during our offer process so we can be on the same page.

Q: “Why wouldn’t I get an agent to sell it for more?

~ The truth is that you may be able to sell it for more, but don’t forget that your agent, title company, pre-sale inspections and the repairman, (etc.), will be looking for their cut. By making a deal with you directly, we both save money by cutting out all the people in the middle. When we make an offer, there aren’t any fees. That means no agent fees; no closing costs; no title percentages; no cuts for the listing site; no hasty/expensive trips to Lowe’s or HomeDepot. This is fast and simple, with us paying for fees and you not having to deal with all the deferred maintenance or repair requests from buyers.

Q: “How do I know you’ll close?

~We spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and money in getting in touch with you about your property. This is our business and we view you as a partner in our business. Given that, we take our relationship very seriously and we don’t enter into agreements we don’t intend to take through closing.

Q: “Are you just going to low-ball me?

~We are in this business to make money. However, we apply a simple formula to each and every deal. Our best offer is based what the property could be worth after repairs, holding costs, etc. We have to take into consideration all expenses we will incur in order to give you our best offer. Also, there is no obligation, if the offer doesn’t makes sense we can either list the property for you or walk away.

Q: “How’d you get my info?

~Most of the time we locate properties in target neighborhoods by driving around or doing research on public databases like the County’s Auditor Page, we take the time to understand the locations and choose who we reach out to with a great deal of thought. If you received a letter from us, then we really want to speak to you about your property, if you’ve found us, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Ready to Sell?

Please click here to be taken to our form to get in touch with us or call the number above to speak to a live person – we are looking forward to hearing from you!